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APRIL 2007 VOL.1,NO.11

ARB Waves On Design for Crozet Harris Teeter

The County’s Architectural Review Board waved on a grocery store design presented by Harris Teeter officials at its March 19 meeting, the first solid evidence behind rumors circulating in Crozet for months that the North Carolina-based chain might open a local store.

 Harris Teeter’s corporate communications director Jennifer Panetta said later that a 42,000-square-foot store is tentatively slated to open in late 2008 in the new Blue Ridge Shopping Center adjacent to Blue Ridge Builder’s Supply. A spokesman for Great Eastern Management, which has been trying to develop the shopping center for 17 years, noted Harris Teeter’s steps toward design approval, but said no deal with them has yet been signed.


The ARB had approved in September of 2003 a design for Food Lion that the company never built. Harris Teeter’s design is for a larger building and more elaborated appearance.

 ARB chair Candance Smith worried that the new design appeared taller than what was formerly approved but member Charles Lebo showed her that the height dimensions are identical.

 “This is much better than what we previously had,” he said. “It’s higher class. It’s got a hip roof and some angles.”

 He proposed that the Board approve the new design then, but ARB member Paul Wright asked for a colored drawing to be presented that would confirm the appearance of the materials listed in the plans, as well as clear up uncertainty over the window appearance. Harris Teeter architect Rajeev Bahare said

no changes in materials from those approved for the Food Lion plan—mainly brick and brushed aluminum—were intended, but he agreed to submit the asked-for illustration.

 Harris Teeter’s Vice President for Store Development Al Lentz told the board that, “We like the concept here” and said that the company is willing to adjust the building’s materials to suit local tastes, if necessary. The design includes large windows facing Rt. 250 that will allow “a panoramic view into the store from the road,” a feature that Harris Teeter considers “attractive,” he said.

 ARB member Duane Snow complimented the design as well. “It’s a lot better than what we had before,” he said.

Harris Teeter currently operates 155 stores, plus distribution warehouses and dairy farms, in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.


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